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Get the telemarketing you need without the HR hassles, headaches and expenditures

Call Center Services


Get the telemarketing you need without the HR hassles, headaches and expenditures

Whether telemarketing is “old hat” to you, or you’re considering a telemarketing campaign for the very first time, think about what likely started your thought process. You need to reach more prospects to drive your business to increase your bottom line. Inherent in this effort is the demand for a positive return on your investment, otherwise you are not making money – or worse, losing money. You may dream of having a few people working directly for you in your office, but face the reality of costs, time and turnover which ultimately make in-house telemarketing staff expensive, and at the end of the day, not profitable enough in the long term.

At We Call You Sell Telemarketing, everything we do is deliberately designed to maximize hourly lead production from outbound telemarketing to your prospect lists, all while maintaining an individual-focused, personable approach. The success of any outbound telemarketing effort rests on one thing – reaching as many heads of household or decision-makers as possible, live, on the phone. The more qualified prospects you reach, the more leads our skilled team of lead generators can get you. The more leads we get you, the more quotes you can provide, and the more quotes you provide, the more you will close – it’s all a linear sales ratio that savvy salespeople understand – from independent reps to corporate sales departments.

Our model

Provide consistent, ROI-generating service to all our clients via proven methods without gimmicks. With We Call You Sell, you will get a persistent, yet conversational and respectful approach to pitching your prospects. You will NOT get what many other companies offer, such as:

  • NO: “Hot” transfers (Oxymoron). A prospect who receives and answers a phone call while they are in the middle of driving to work, making lunch, taking their kids to daycare, etc is likely not going to buy your product in the next 30 minutes – no matter what other telemarketing companies try to make you believe – so lets us generate the interest, gather all their info, get it to you in a logical fashion with full notes and detail so you can prepare and have you follow up first thing the next morning. You’ve got other things to do right now and we won’t interrupt you with leads who are just as likely to be interested tomorrow, next week or next month as they were when we called them.
  • NO: Pay per lead. Paying for performance – both charging a client per-lead and paying their internal telemarketers per-lead or commission is a loser’s game. There is too much incentive to “push,” to meet a quota, all which leads to lower quality leads. With We Call You Sell, you get a professional service for a fair, transparent and uniform hourly rate – just like any professional such as accountants, attorneys, doctors, and so on.
  • NO: “Free lists” to dial. Anything “free” is not serving your best interests from a quality perspective – rest assured. Other telemarketing companies will try to bait you with a “free list” that does you no favors. Like the best-quality in-house hire you could bring in to work in your office, you provide us with lists you trust and are comfortable with – internal lists included, such as unsold quotes, canceled customers, current clients to cross-sell, and of course, bread-and-butter cold call. Of course, if you need advice on selecting a third-party list, our experience allows us to make cogent recommendations if you require – but we do not “partner” with any vendors, because that would not serve your best interests.
  • NO: Guaranteed calling slots every day. Some companies will say “yes” to everything you ask just to make the sale. We will say no if it means better results for you. Our internal tracking and reporting allows us to schedule staff each week based on the best-performing times that we have tracked on your campaigns – even down to specific prospect lists – so that for every paid hour we are dialing, we are generating the most amounts of qualified leads possible.

Packages to fit all business and budget needs

We have clients from 1099 independent reps, to large corporate sales teams. Our packages options are designed to fit all situations. Inquire for specific options via the contact information below.

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